2017 BC Gymnaestrada, Kamloops

May 27-28, 2017



BC Gymnaestrada, Vancouver BC, May 7 and 8th, 2016

This event was an amazing opportunity for gymnasts to learn to perform, watch amazing other routines, participate in workshops, and make new friends.

2015 World Gymnaestrada

Every 4 years, a world Gymnaestrada for Recreational Gymnastics is held. It is the largest sporting event in the world, with more participants than the Olympics!

Last year the event was held in Helsinki, Finland in July. Our group of dedicated gymnasts and coaches worked hard to make it a reality. Between VRG supporters, gymnasts, coaches, parents and siblings and our collaborators, fellow performers and friends from South Caribou Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, our team was about 23 people. Our team has the honour of being the only Rhythmic team from B.C going this year with Team Canada as a part of the 600 strong team.

Click here for the full 2015 World Gymnaestrada Report!


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